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Are You Suffering From a Whiplash Injury?

The non–medical term whiplash refers to a whole variety of injuries to the neck. This type of injuries can happen when the neck is twisted in some sort of accident. When a motor vehicle gets into an accident and the rear portion gets hit, people often experience whiplashes because of a sharp and abrupt movement of the neck and head. This is the most common type of injury any motor vehicle owner experiences. Also, this is the most common injury that the insurance companies provide coverage for. Though other accidents like falling from the stair or horse or bicycle can be the reason of whiplash injuries as well.

Whiplash Injury

Whiplash injuries may limit the movement of the neck for a period of time. It can be quite painful. But according to the doctors in Loughton for whiplash treatment, the effects of whiplash injuries are not permanent and with the right treatment, people suffering from this injury can make a complete recovery. Also having knowledge about the injury will definitely quicken the recovery.

Whiplash is not a serious injury in most cases but if there is a major neck injury like fracture, the doctors will be able to identify it. If your injury is indeed whiplash, you will experience stiffness, pain and such other symptoms within two days after the accident. Even if you experience the symptoms later than that, it does not necessarily indicate a graver injury.

Though it might be a little difficult to continue the daily activities swiftly because of the pain and stiffness, continuing the daily activities is extremely important for quick recovery. The injury gets worse if you decide to just rest for a day or more as injured muscles get weaker and stiffer if not used. Proper treatment and exercises can help you get back to doing regular activities without difficulty.

Active efforts and patient cooperation is the key to successful whiplash treatment. The health care professionals will discuss the options for pain control and treatment after making an assessment of your injury.

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