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What Happens if Pregnant women uses Paracetamol

Pregnant have to be very careful with medicines. Over dosage is more dangerous than without taking medicines. Taking medicines without consulting doctor is like adventure. We are having many antibiotics and pain killers in the market and some will be high powerful. Most of us will not have any idea on this as sometimes doctors will also prescribe Paracetamol for fever and body pains. But the unknown secret is it might cause asthma problem to the baby. Pregnant women will be very sensitive and will react easily to reaction also. Consuming doctor prescribed medicines is mandatory for pregnant women to avoid future issues. If we take Paracetamol along with those medicines they may cause reaction. Consuming Paracetamol during pregnancy may cause asthma to baby.


This was proved by Narvigeon Mother and Child Study (NMCS) in its recent survey. This proved that if pregnant women takes Paracetamol, it will cause asthma to baby. This is the reason that most of the children below 3 years are facing this problem. Generally fever and body pains are common in this stage and using Paracetamol is not correct way. Some doctors also prescribe Paracetamol for fever and body pains. But during pregnancy time it is better not to take Paracetamol. Not all the children but most of them are facing this problem now-a-days. NMCS decided to solve this problem and made overall survey on this issue. Finally they came to a conclusion that if we take Paracetamol during pregnancy time, the baby might get asthma. They showed that 5.7 percent children are suffering with asthma due to consumption of Paracetamol during pregnancy period.

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