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Top 5 Regular Yoga Exercises Exclusively for Slimming Face

Everyone wants to be with clean, soft skin without wrinkles which is not possible in this stress and pollution environment everywhere. There are many commercial options like yoga centers available for this problem but deals with huge amount of money. These are not only expensive but also they contain harmful chemicals which damages our skin both inner and outer layers. Instead of choosing chemicals and damaging our skin it better to go with some yoga exercises which can be carried in home for Slimming Face. These natural yoga practices will make face free from wrinkles. Some of the face packs are also available but it requires lot of effort. Some Regular Yoga Exercises for Slimming Face are mentioned below.

Regular Yoga Exercises

  • To get rid from face wrinkles lip pull and push is best exercise. Lifting up face muscles and take will make you look more youthful with high cheekbones and a prominent jaw line. Now lift your lower lip pushing the lower jaw out and this will feel the stretch and tension build in the chin muscles and jaw line.
  • Suck in your cheeks and hold them under jaws and lips. This is famous as fish exercise as we use to do as kids and form a fish face and same now we are trying smiling face. Hold this fish posture for 5 seconds and then relax.
  • Blowing balloons is also a kind of best exercise. It makes your face to come into best shape. We will not face wrinkles issue of we do this regularly early in the morning.
  • Head rotation will make all face muscles relief from all stress in entire day. This is easy and best exercise as it makes looks beautiful along with internal changes.
  • Cheek massage will get relief eye muscles. People who are working continuously with system need this exercise.
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