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Tips to Reduce Internal Body Heat Effectively

Body heat depends on different factors like environmental temperature, regular diet, medicines. Body general temperature is 37 degrees centigrade irrespective to outer surrounding temperature conditions. Lower than this temperature is also not good. We have to control as leads to unlimited serious health problems. Climate is main reason for this and we have to overcome these climate issues. Mainly women will face this problem because of some internal body changes. Body hormones are also responsible for change in internal body heat.

Reduce Body Heat

Tips to control body heat

  • When you came to know that your body temperature is high, start drinking lots of water. Drink water at least with one hour gap.
  • Lemon and coconut keeps this problem away from us. Try having coconut water regularly or lemon water. If you prefer to take lemon water better take in early in the morning mixed with honey and pinch of salt.
  • Taking fruits keeps us resistant for many problems but some fruits like Mango, Pineapple will increase internal body heat. This may also start pimples problem. To avoid such problems select fruits that reduces our body heat. Watermelon is best for this problem.
  • The best solution is Sandalwood. Through it is lengthy and difficult procedure it will show exact result. Mix sandalwood powder with sufficient water and make it into fine paste. Add few drops of rose water. Apply this paste on chest and foreget. It will give immediate relief form internal body heat.
  • Medicines also available for this problem. We have B complex tablets and syrups to control body heat but natural remedies will have more importance than using medicines and homeopathy.
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