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The Two Frequently Employed Dental Implants

Have you heard about dental implants? If not yet, you better continue reading the article as it introduces the dental process.

Dental implant is identified as artificial tooth root, which periodontist put onto the jaw in order to hold the replacement bridge or tooth. This dental process is perfect to those who have excellent over all oral health who’ve lost teeth or even just one tooth because of injury, periodontal disease or other cause.

about dental implants

Despite of the fact that the process is high in technology, they are considered tooth saving compare to the usual bridgework. It is because implants do not depend on the neighboring teeth just to have support.

The best thing about dental implants is that it offers natural looking teeth. So, looking on the teeth after the process offers feeling that there were no teeth or tooth that were lost. Therefore, confidence is obtained. However, it is very important that once this dental process was acquired, proper maintenance should be done. Placement by periodontist should also be performed so that it could last for very long time. There are studies that shows that the success of the implants continues to grow as the time pass by.

If you are too shy to smile because you have tooth or teeth missing, maybe it is the time for you to have dental implants. Better contact your personal dentist to make sure that you are a perfect candidate for the procedure. The implant is not for all, so evaluation and test should be done first.

Having problems with missing teeth? Well, don’t worry now, because there are dental implants that could be done in order to correct it and have the perfect smile once more. However, determining the right kind of implant to have is very essential in order to make sure to have the desire perfect smile.

Dental implant is the replacement of the roots of the tooth. It gives strong foundation for removable or permanent teeth, which are created in order to match the teeth to appear natural. The procedure has two kinds of implants that are commonly use as of this moment. To have idea about them they are written below:

Endodsteal – this is within the bone. Among the types of implants, this is the one frequently done. The procedure use blades, cylinders or screws that are surgically positioned onto the jawbone. Every implant holds sole or a number of prosthetic teeth. Usually, this is used as alternative for patients who have removable dentures or bridges.

Subperiosteal – this is on the bone. The implant is positioned over the top jaw having metal framework’s posts that protrudes through gum in order to grasp the prosthesis. It is the type of implant being used for patients who could not wear traditional dentures and those having ostensible height.

These are the two types of dental implants frequently done in order to achieve perfect smile. Thus, before getting the implant done, it is very important to have some tests done professional and licensed dentist to make sure about the right type of implant that needs to be done.

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