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The 10 Often Forgotten Commandments for an Effective Fitness Training

1. Warmth Is the Secret

Body ligaments and muscles can only be stretched effectively and modeled as desired only when there is enough warmth. For this reason you see those extra pieces of equipment, which are meant to keep a constant high temperature around the key areas like knees and ankles. When your body is sufficiently warm, it can be changed and flexibility can be improved.

2. Being Consistent for Steady Progress

Fitness is not something to be done once in a while, when remembered only. Be constant in your training. This is why your routine doesn’t have to be a harsh one. Make sure it is an easy and non-exhaustive schedule, so you can keep up with it even daily if needed. Many individuals believe they have to sweat hard and hurt in order to achieve some results, but this isn’t true.

3. Set Realistic Goals

If you are underweight or overweight, do not think you can force yourself to reach the ideal weight and look right with your first fitness routine. Abnormal metabolism is changed slowly and takes time and patience. Aim for slight yet visible improvements on your condition at first. As you will achieve that, it will be easier to go on with the fitness routine – even with an improved one, as it will be enough of a motivation.

4. Count the Calories

When you exercise, the calories count is as important as when you are obeying to a diet. However, a nutritionist or fitness expert will tell you that the calorie intake has to change. Follow the new rules and don’t mix this with what you were previously doing. Don’t cut down on the calories.

5. Stop the Weight Loss Diets

If you have a fitness routine, you will most likely be required to have all kind of nutrients in your food. A drastic or inappropriate diet may leave your body lacking what’s important. Therefore, focus on varied and nourishing food, otherwise you might actually lose muscle fiber.

6. Workout Duration: No More than 40 Minutes

The 30-40-minute sessions are the most effective. There is no need to prolong your workout beyond this. If exercising is of high intensity, then you will burn a great deal of calories for the given time. Beware of too intense training though.

7. Do the Cardio

Cardio exercises are those meant to keep the heart rate up. These have to be pleasant and fun. Choose one that’s easy to do and that you won’t feel like postponing. Dancing is also considered cardio, so you may fit it in your schedule before the actual fitness begins.

8. Mix, Change, Rotate

Change your workout routine at certain intervals, so that all muscles get to be involved. Also, during one session, add variety and remember to take a rest between sets.

9. Carbs and Protein

Here is another important tip concerning your diet: build muscle with protein-rich meals and fuel yourself with energy from the carbs.

10. Correctness

Never hurry when exercising. Do everything as shown to you; otherwise you may injure your body.

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