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Symptoms and Treatment for Thyroid Problem

Now a days, Thyroid is most common problem in both male and female. This is the fastest spreading disease because of climatic conditions and pollution. The main reason for this is increasing mental stress and hence this is most commonly seen in females. Treatment in proper stage will cure this problem to the maximum extent. Symptoms and treatment for this problem is clearly mentioned below.



There are several symptoms for Thyroid disease. We can easily find Thyroid infected people by following symptoms…

  • Dry hair is best symptom in initial stage.
  • Thyroid infected people may lose their memory power. They will behave in confused way and will not have any mental clarity in doing things.
  • Skin color changes and skin becomes dry and scaly. Skin roughness increases and looks weird appearance.
  • This is most common problem for women. Thyroid infected women will have over menstrual flow which is best symptom for Thyroid.
  • Heart rate will be reduced and no will recognize this.
  • Sudden weight will be reduced and person looks in dark.
  • If this not recognized and cured in initial stage than this will cause some more problems. Body temperature reduces and by seeing if self we can find that something Is wrong with this person.
  • Cancer through thyroid gland is quite rare in most of the people and there is a chance of converting thyroid glands to cancer glands which occurs in fewer than 10% of thyroid nodules. We might have one or more thyroid glands initially for several years before and they might be also determined to be cancerous. We have radiation treatment for thyroid problem but people who have received radiation treatment to the head and neck will tend to have a higher than normal propensity for developing thyroid cancer.
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