Refreshing Summer Non-alcoholic Homemade Cold Drinks

Refreshing Summer Non-alcoholic Homemade Cold Drinks

This is hot summer and everyone will look for cold drinks. In summer salt content reduces in our body as and should be maintained properly. We need to take frequently liquid foods or water to get rid from this. People who have to work outside home daily will face sun stroke problems. Here are providing some best homemade soft drinks which make to stand away from summer health problems.

Mint Cucumber Water: Mint is best source to get rid from summer issues. Take mint water and soak cucumber it that water. Later add ice before consuming. This increases body stamina by increasing salt content in our body.

Berry Splash Water: This is colorful summer drink which many applications. Generally kids will not accept summer drinks which are mandatory as they will be playing continuously under hot summer. In such situations this colorful homemade drink attracts children. This can be prepared with white cranberry mixed with soda.

Ginger-Orange Mix: Ginger is best solution for summer health problems. Eating ginger daily early in the morning keeps doctor away. Prepare ginger water and mix with slices of orange. Finally garnish with mint leaves and add ice cubed before consuming.

Lemon Strawberry Tea: Strawberry is also best solution for summer internal health issues. Prepare an efficient ice tea with strawberry mixed with lemon soda. Preserve this drink in freezer for some time before consuming for better result and flavor.

Green Apple Juice: Green Apple has several unique health advantages which we cannot get from any other food item. For the green apple mix spinach with coconut milk and granny smith apple and prepare juice of 1 lime. Blend together and add to ice cubes. Add to your glass and garnish with an apple slices.

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