9 foods to improve sleep

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A good sleep is really necessary to keep your mind and body fresh and energetic in order to have a good concentration power. People who suffer from sleeping problems like insomnia should include some foods in their daily diet in order to have a good and sufficient amount of sleep. 9 foods that improve sleep are mentioned below as... more →
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How Rose Petals will help to Reduce Body Heat

We all have that one common problem over internal body heat. This is due to improper diet and irregular diet. This will cause serious health issues. For pregnant women it is more dangerous. We have to control body heat levels. Some will take medicines for this problem. Some will follow homeopathy though it will show slow result.... more →
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Tips for Losing Weight Naturally Without Efforts and Pain

Over weight is most common, general and serious problem that most people will face irrespective of their age and gender. Generally women will try a lot to reduce weight. Some business people make use of this problem and will gain huge amounts. Reducing weight long term is better than trying of sudden changes. It will be risky if... more →
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First aid Care for Rabies, Symptoms and Remedies

Rabies is the disease that is most commonly found in animals and humans. This causes as infected animal bites another animal or human. This is because of transmission of virus from infected body to healthy body. This mainly transfers with bite as the virus will be in high levels in saliva. Pet animals like cats and dogs are suspect... more →
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Home Remedies for Nails Whitening and Growing

This is fashion generation and for minute aspects also people are following major tasks. Nail arts also come into this category. Girls are fond of decorating their nails. But some face problems with their bad looking nails and will look for solutions. Nail problems will cause due to vitamin deficiency and we have medicines for these... more →
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7 ‘whys’ to stop eating food from plastic containers

7 'whys' to stop eating food from plastic containers
Is your kitchen cabinet full of plastic containers? Do you use it to store the food and use it for heating? No doubt they are cheap, lightweight and easy to use. But it is high time when you should ditch the plastic containers and adopt a safer kitchen usage with glass storage products. Avoid using plastic food containers and water... more →
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How Guava Leaves helpful for Hair and Skin

Most of us know the health benefits of guava leaves. Fresh guava leaves will help to solve hair and skin problems. It also lowers bad cholesterol level in our body which is best remedy for heart problems. Long ego people used to say that for guavas is equal to one apple. Guava will help in digestion problems and its leaves are also... more →
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Best Antibiotic for Sinus Infection in Children

Sinusitis is most common in children and most of their parents will not recognize that as sinus infection in the beginning. This will lead to severe sinus problem which is known as Sinusitis. Sinusitis is as general as cold but we should know the difference and should take medicines accordingly. If we take normal cold medicines there... more →
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5 ways to treat yeast infection naturally

remedies to treat yeast infection
Yeast infection can prove to be embarrassing and irritating for both men and women alike. Thus, it is suggested by the medical given treatment without wasting time. Candida is another name of the infection that usually affects the vagina, groin, breasts, nail beds, lower abdomen etc. What are the several factors responsible? There... more →
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Home Remedies for Migraine Headache during Pregnancy

Home Remedies for Migraine Headache during Pregnancy Every 10 people out of 100 will face Migraine issues. It is most commonly seen during pregnancy time. Regular headache and vomit sensation are common symptoms of Migraine. Due to production of pregnancy hormones, sudden increase in blood volume, vitamin deficiency will cause these... more →
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