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The seven best post-workout snacks

Vigorous exercise puts our bodies under a lot of strain, draining them of their resources. It is the food and drink we consume… more »

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Difference Between Test Tube Baby and Normal Baby

Many people have heard about IVF or in vitro fertilization and this describes the process of fertilizing an egg outside the female’s body.… more »

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Seven Signs of a Serious Knee Injury

Nearly anyone who is somewhat active will have knee pain at some point. While a little discomfort is normal from time to time,… more »

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Is Your Mental Health Being Affected by Your Mobile Phone?

It is difficult to ignore the fact that our society is now obsessed with mobile phones to a greater degree than ever before.… more »

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Pain Management EHR and How It Can Help Physicians

Pain Management specialists see patients with a variety of conditions – everything from sports injuries and arthritis tosciatica, back pain and more. Such… more »

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Health Insurance for Single Mothers

In a 2012. study, it was found that the average rates for heath insurance premiums range from $150 – $450 a month, depending… more »



Maintaining one’s health these days has become a great concern for most of us. In the busy schedule, there is hardly any time… more »

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A Guide to Incontinence Treatment

Incontinence affects millions of people around the world and most scientists believe it’s something close to a disaster for those it affects. Incontinence… more »

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3 Negatives and Positives of Going Gluten Free

Americans have the tendency to over eat. This has led to the development of new diets that promise to curb appetite, improve skin,… more »

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Top 5 Natural Skin Care Tips for Summer

Let Go of Stress Stress is one of the most damaging causes of skin problems. Your work-life stresses damage your face, and those… more »