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How Rose Petals will help to Reduce Body Heat

We all have that one common problem over internal body heat. This is due to improper diet and irregular diet. This will cause serious health issues. For pregnant women it is more dangerous. We have to control body heat levels. Some will take medicines for this problem. Some will follow homeopathy though it will show slow result. There are many natural medicines to cure control body heat. There is one best solution for this problem. It will show sudden change if we follow this procedure.


Rose petals will play as best solution for body over heat. We cannot rose petals directly. Consuming rese petals directly also will not solve our problem effectively. Take sufficient honey and put rose petals into it. Keep it aside for one day. Next day you can be able to see that all rose petals will observe honey and it becomes somewhat like paste. Rose petals will help in reducing body heat and honey will help in reducing weight. By this we can simultaneously success both the problems. Early in the morning eat this mixed paste at least two spoons daily. This will show expected result within no time. Rather than medicine and diet it is better to follow as it will involve any kind of risks. Generally rose petals will be bitter taste and if you dissolve in honey it will be tasty also.

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