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How Guava Leaves helpful for Hair and Skin

Most of us know the health benefits of guava leaves. Fresh guava leaves will help to solve hair and skin problems. It also lowers bad cholesterol level in our body which is best remedy for heart problems. Long ego people used to say that for guavas is equal to one apple. Guava will help in digestion problems and its leaves are also helpful for curing hair and skin problems. Periodic application of guava leaves will show expected result. Using drugs and antibiotics will have some side effects, instead of that we can use natural remedies which will give same results without any side effects.

Guava Leaves

The hidden secret of guava leaves is if regularly make an habit of consuming tea with guava leaves it will help to lower bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels in our body. It will also act to prevent weight gain as it will be as a stop gate or carbohydrates from being transformed into sugar. For hair fall problems there is an appropriate method which will control hair fall within no time. Boil fresh guava leaves, cool them for room temperature and later make into paste. Apply that paste to hair and leave for about one hour. Repeat same procedure for twice in a week, you will be able to see expected results.

Skin problems will start because of deficiency in Vitamin C. This vitamin deficiency will cause skin problems like pimples on face. We can use guava leaves paste as an antibiotic and can apply on affected places. Now-a-days skin cancer is most common problem and guava leaves are best home remedy as it also act as remedy for cancer. Guava leaves observe heat from our body.

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