Home Remedies for Nails Whitening and Growing

This is fashion generation and for minute aspects also people are following major tasks. Nail arts also come into this category. Girls are fond of decorating their nails. But some face problems with their bad looking nails and will look for solutions. Nail problems will cause due to vitamin deficiency and we have medicines for these issues. But instead of following medicines we can also follow home remedies to get best results. Some will have a problem of having yellow nails. This is due to vitamin deficiency or due to smoking or due to nail fungus. There are many natural and home solution for gaining good looking nails and efficient nail growth. Lemon water is best solution for changing your nails from stains to attracting nails. Some techniques we have to change our nails looks and for better nail growth.

Nails Whitening

  • Take four parts of water in one part of 4 % hydrogen peroxide and soak your nails in it. It will help to get white nails.
  • Take one table spoon of baking soda and one table spoon of lemon juice. This combination will help you to make your nails white and soft. Apply this on your nails for one minute than wash gently.
  • Teeth whitening peroxide also makes nails to grow more effectively than normal.
  • Apply olive oil gently o your nails and this will help your nails to grow faster than before and also it makes your nails stronger.

All the above are some of the home remedies. In order to get more result repeat same procedure for weekly once. You will reach expected results for sure at the end.

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