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First aid Care for Rabies, Symptoms and Remedies

Rabies is the disease that is most commonly found in animals and humans. This causes as infected animal bites another animal or human. This is because of transmission of virus from infected body to healthy body. This mainly transfers with bite as the virus will be in high levels in saliva. Pet animals like cats and dogs are suspect able for this rabies disease.


Symptoms will be different for different animals. There are several stages of infection depending on infected body. Generally this virus will effect brain and this stage is final stage of infection. The period from infection to virus effecting brain is called incubation period. This incubation period in dogs is 3 to 9 weeks and same for humans also. Different phases of infections are Prodromal, Furious and Paralytic phases. Each phase has its own incubation period. We have to identify the disease in earlier level itself. Otherwise it will reach to final stage and no one can help at this stage. After reaching brain the virus will effect salivary glands and then virus will spread to others also.

For our pets vaccination is best solution for this disease. Even if there is no confirmation on the disease we have to take vaccination to our pets at least once in a month. If any animal has some scratches we should be more careful as we don’t know about road side animals. The standard vaccination is to vaccinate our pets like cats and dogs at three or four months. A year later, a three-year rabies vaccination is mostly recommended. In few counties, states, or individual veterinarians require yearly or once every two-year vaccination for a variety of reasons that need to be explored more closely about Rabies and its effects.

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