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Dental Care Tips to Lead a Healthy Life Style

Oral hygiene and dental care will play a vital role in assuring a healthy life style to the humans. Dentists argue that most important part of oral care takes place at home. It is always better to prevent something and be cautious in the long run. Are you looking forward some of the simple yet effective dental care tips to avoid any unwanted consequences? This article will shed off some light on some of the basic tips to care of your oral hygiene.

Aspects on Brushing

  • It is very important to brush your teeth for minimum of 2 minutes twice a day.
  • A 45 degree inclination of your brush is the recommended position against your gums. * Do not press the brush too hard on the surface which will affect the tooth sensitivity.
  • Try to reach the inner and outer surfaces of your teeth gently without any forcible push.
  • Usage of short sweeping strokes is highly recommended to clean the chewing surfaces of your teeth portion.
  • Exercise the back and forth movements of your brush by holding it vertical when you intend to clean the surfaces of your top and bottom teeth and gums.
  • Make sure to remove the decayed food particles and other substances while brushing your teeth.

Aspects on Flossing

Brushing is very important and should not be skipped at any cost. However, brushing alone will not remove the plaque and left over food particles completely. Hence, flossing is recommended to remove those substances under the gumline and braces. It should be done at least once in a day.

  • The type of flossing should be chosen depending upon the space you have between the gumline. Unwaxed floss is recommended by the dentists in most of the cases.
  • Make sure to follow the guidelines to avoid any kind of injuries or damages done to your gums while flossing.
  • Try to have a gentle back and forth motion by having the floss material between two teeth. Do not force it against the gums. Curving the material across the edges of the teeth in the shape of letter ā€œcā€ will have better impacts.

Repeat the entire process between the entire set of teeth and execute the process at the back of your teeth.

Gentle brushing and flossing will help you to remove the plaque substances which are the visible layer of bacteria on your teeth. These actions will keep your teeth and gums in a healthy condition. It is highly recommended to select tooth paste that has fluoride in it. They help in fighting cavities to the maximum extent. Try the special kind of toothpaste if you are facing any tooth sensitive problems. This will help in avoiding unwanted problems.

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