How Rose Petals will help to Reduce Body Heat

We all have that one common problem over internal body heat. This is due to improper diet and irregular diet. This will cause serious health issues. For pregnant women it is more dangerous. We have to control body heat levels. Some will take medicines for this problem. Some will follow homeopathy though it will show slow result.... more →
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7 ‘whys’ to stop eating food from plastic containers

7 'whys' to stop eating food from plastic containers
Is your kitchen cabinet full of plastic containers? Do you use it to store the food and use it for heating? No doubt they are cheap, lightweight and easy to use. But it is high time when you should ditch the plastic containers and adopt a safer kitchen usage with glass storage products. Avoid using plastic food containers and water... more →
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How Guava Leaves helpful for Hair and Skin

Most of us know the health benefits of guava leaves. Fresh guava leaves will help to solve hair and skin problems. It also lowers bad cholesterol level in our body which is best remedy for heart problems. Long ego people used to say that for guavas is equal to one apple. Guava will help in digestion problems and its leaves are also... more →
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5 reasons nutella should be eliminated from your diet

nutella and its consistents
Are you addicted consuming Nutella on a daily basis? There is no doubt to the fact that the nutella hazelnut spread is absolutely delicious and mouth watering. You are unable to resist consuming it every day on your breakfast, right? Is it healthy enough for consumption? Have you ever thought about it? 5 reasons for eliminating nutella... more →
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Hidden Reasons for Dark Circles and Eye Wrinkles

Hidden Reasons for Dark Circles and Eye Wrinkles Dark Circles are one of the most common skin problems that many of them are young people. This will not depend on age and even teenagers may also face these reasons. There are several variety of reasons for getting dark circles. The common known reason is lack of sleep and irregular... more →
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Eucalyptus Oil Therapy For A Great Body

Eucalyptus Oil Therapy
Eucalyptus oil is one of the most popular oils which has numerous benefits for the body. It can be applied on the skin to ease various skin disorders such as rashes, blisters, insect bites and blisters. You can achieve better results by just adding a few drops of this oil to your bath water. There are many health benefits of this... more →
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Four Ways To Lose Weight Effectively Without Dieting

lose weight without diet
  People have a notion that burning calories is all about cutting down on the amount of food you eat. Hence, people who do not know about different weight loss methods often resort to starving to reduce weight. Starvation is the last thing you need to do if you are serious about shedding weight. Starvation deprives your body... more →
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Essential Weight Loss Tips For People With Diabetes

tips to lose weight for diabeties people.
  Diabetes is of two types namely, Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. In Type 1, patients’ body does not produce insulin which results in increase in blood sugar levels. In Type 2 usually affect people who are obese and overweight. In this condition, the body is able to produce some insulin. However, the amount of insulin... more →
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Easy Tips On Losing Weight After Pregnancy

tips to lose weight after prgnancy
  When a baby is born, mothers are mostly concerned about the health of their baby. However, since they start focusing more on their baby, they may find it difficult to shed off the weight they gained during pregnancy.  If you gained around 25 to 30 pounds during pregnancy, it can take you up to 2-3 months on losing the pounds... more →
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All You Need to Know About Body Building Training and Nutrition

build body
  Most people believe that the art of developing muscles is all about exercises or engaging in body building training recommended by physical training experts. Nutrition also plays a vital role in the muscle building process. A body builder can only achieve his or her aim when it is complemented with the proper diet. Hence,... more →
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