Causes and Solution to get rid from Pimple in Ear

Causes and Solution to get rid from Pimple in Ear Pimples on face is the most general problem that many of us facing. This is caused due to traffic and environment conditions. But it is so irritating pimples in ear. This will not allow us to sleep properly as it causes serious irritation all the time. Pimples can cause on any part... more →
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Symptoms and Treatment for Thyroid Problem

Now a days, Thyroid is most common problem in both male and female. This is the fastest spreading disease because of climatic conditions and pollution. The main reason for this is increasing mental stress and hence this is most commonly seen in females. Treatment in proper stage will cure this problem to the maximum extent. Symptoms... more →
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First aid Care for Rabies, Symptoms and Remedies

Rabies is the disease that is most commonly found in animals and humans. This causes as infected animal bites another animal or human. This is because of transmission of virus from infected body to healthy body. This mainly transfers with bite as the virus will be in high levels in saliva. Pet animals like cats and dogs are suspect... more →
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Best Antibiotic for Sinus Infection in Children

Sinusitis is most common in children and most of their parents will not recognize that as sinus infection in the beginning. This will lead to severe sinus problem which is known as Sinusitis. Sinusitis is as general as cold but we should know the difference and should take medicines accordingly. If we take normal cold medicines there... more →
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Side Effects of Diet Pills     

diet pills
Everybody seems to be trying to lose weight nowadays.  Diet pills are becoming a dime a dozen you can hardly tell which ones are safe and effective and which ones are dangerous.  Diet pills can cause serious damage to your health if you are not careful.  Some diet pills claim scientific truth while some rely of creating hypes... more →
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5 Most Common Killer Diseases

We are all afraid of those weird diseases we see on the television yet we always seem to overlook how we can avoid the more preventable, and yet most deadly, common diseases. Below you will find the top five most common diseases, what it does to you, and how they can be prevented. Cardiovascular disease This is the number one killing... more →
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