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Best Espresso Machine under 300: DeLonghi ECO310BK

If you are on a very tight budget and want an espresso machine that is both good and reliable, then you could find yourself looking at the DeLonghi ECO310BK. The ECO is basically designed to be used at domestic homes and is perfectly suited to be used by complete novices who do not have sufficient knowledge to handle large complex machines. The ECO can be handled very easily, easy to maintain and do not require too much information to be able to use it effectively.


The Good: DeLonghi’s Icona ECO 310 is relatively very light on your pocket but is rather very versatile. You can easily make a good espresso shot from ground coffee or by using the super convenient E.S.E. pods. The ECO also includesa frothing wand which is used in the Panerello style. Also, the ECO is fitted with a 15-bar pump pressure, two thermostats, a 48oz water tank, and a cup warming plate.

The Bad: The build and the quality of the machine are easily reflected in the ECO during its operations. The parts of the machine are serviceable but won’t last long. Also, most of the experienced coffee consumers will want to have more out of the espresso shot the machine produces.

The Bottom Line: Although the espresso machine is very easily available and very inexpensive, it contains all the features you would expect to find in an entry level espresso machine. The outer look of the machines provides it with a decent look but the parts look very cheap and can be very easily damaged due to it being very low in quality.

The DeLonghi ECO310BK Espresso Machine Review

The DeLonghi ECO310 is one of the widely sold inexpensive semi-automatic espresso machines available today in the market. It is fitted with all the features that you may expect out of an entry level espresso maker. Some of the features of the DeLonghi ECO310BK are:

  • 15 Bar Pump Pressure: The DeLonghi ECO is fitted with a 15 bar pump. You can easily create a very good espresso shot as they require a minimal 9 bar pressure. Most of the espresso machines you will see today in the market does come with 15-bar pressure pumps attached to the machine.
  • Two thermostats: The ECO is also equipped with two thermostats. These are basically used to maintain the temperature of the machine during brewing of your drink.
  • S.E Pods and Ground Coffee: The Espresso machine can use both – grinded coffee grounds or Easy Serve Espresso (E.S.E) Pods to make your espresso shot. Using E.S.E. Pods save you more than a minute of grinding the coffee grounds.
  • 48oz Water tank: You can easily see that the water tank is a little bigger for such a compact espresso machine. It makes our work easier as we do not have to refill the water tank after every 1-2 servings of coffee. The water tank is fitted at the back end of the machine and you can easily lift the machine to separate the tank from the machine so as to refill the water and clean the tank.
  • Panerello Frother: The ECO310Bk is a complete package to the novice. The machine is capable of delivering good espresso, cappuccino and latte shots using the built-in frother. The steam frother helps in creating a rich creamy froth on the top of your drink.
  • Cup Warming Tray: The cup warming tray uses the residue heat from the boiler to keep the coffee warm for 2-3 minutes after it is taken out of the espresso machine.

The Final Words

The DeLonghi is an inexpensive espresso machine which is designed effectively and nicely but the quality of the parts used in building the machine is questionable. The quality of the machine is easily reflected in the taste of the final espresso shot.  The frothing wand swivels sideways and not back and front. It leaves the froth less dense than which it should be. Also the distance between the sprouts and the drip tray is very less which requires you to use smaller cups. The machine is very easy to use and operate which makes it attractive to some novice coffee maker around the world.

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