12 best weight loss tips for women               

12 ways to loose weight
  Women tend to gain weight faster than men.  That is because men have faster metabolism and are more physical than women.  So if you are looking for effective ways to lose those extra pounds, here are 12 best weight loss tips for women will help you achieve that and more. Do not starve yourself. When you want to loose weight,... more →
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9 foods to improve sleep

milk splash
A good sleep is really necessary to keep your mind and body fresh and energetic in order to have a good concentration power. People who suffer from sleeping problems like insomnia should include some foods in their daily diet in order to have a good and sufficient amount of sleep. 9 foods that improve sleep are mentioned below as... more →
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7 ‘whys’ to stop eating food from plastic containers

7 'whys' to stop eating food from plastic containers
Is your kitchen cabinet full of plastic containers? Do you use it to store the food and use it for heating? No doubt they are cheap, lightweight and easy to use. But it is high time when you should ditch the plastic containers and adopt a safer kitchen usage with glass storage products. Avoid using plastic food containers and water... more →
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5 ways to treat yeast infection naturally

remedies to treat yeast infection
Yeast infection can prove to be embarrassing and irritating for both men and women alike. Thus, it is suggested by the medical given treatment without wasting time. Candida is another name of the infection that usually affects the vagina, groin, breasts, nail beds, lower abdomen etc. What are the several factors responsible? There... more →
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5 reasons nutella should be eliminated from your diet

nutella and its consistents
Are you addicted consuming Nutella on a daily basis? There is no doubt to the fact that the nutella hazelnut spread is absolutely delicious and mouth watering. You are unable to resist consuming it every day on your breakfast, right? Is it healthy enough for consumption? Have you ever thought about it? 5 reasons for eliminating nutella... more →
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5 great reasons to try and keep being a vegetarian

vegetarian food is healthy
Becoming a vegetarian will not only create a positive impact on the environment but will also create great health benefits for you. Thus people who consume only vegetables regularly are seen to lead a much healthy life compared to non vegetarians who live on meats and eggs. Hence mentioned below are the 5 reasons you should try and... more →
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5 best foods to cleanse your lungs

Detoxifying lungs with best foods
You must be aware of the fact that the lung is a vital organ of our system. We must make sure that it is protected and not caused any harm. Often due to our own actions we tend to cause harm and damage our lungs. The primary cause is smoking. The environmental pollution is also to blame for the degradation of the lung condition. Detoxification... more →
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Side Effects of Diet Pills     

diet pills
Everybody seems to be trying to lose weight nowadays.  Diet pills are becoming a dime a dozen you can hardly tell which ones are safe and effective and which ones are dangerous.  Diet pills can cause serious damage to your health if you are not careful.  Some diet pills claim scientific truth while some rely of creating hypes... more →
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Have You Tried Acupressure To Lose Weight?

acupressure points
  There are several weight loss methods you can learn from various on the web. One weight loss technique that may not have strike you yet may be using acupressure to lose weight. Acupressure is all about treating certain pressure points in order to overcome any health issue. Acupressure can effectively help in achieving weight... more →
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Grapefruit Diet

grapefruit juice
  The grapefruit diet is a very popular short term weight loss program that aims to give a quick fix to those who want to lose weight fast.  It is also known as the “Hollywood diet” because of many Hollywood celebrities that uses the diet all the time.  It is a low carb diet intended to be completed within a short period... more →
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