5 Most Common Killer Diseases

We are all afraid of those weird diseases we see on the television yet we always seem to overlook how we can avoid the more preventable, and yet most deadly, common diseases. Below you will find the top five most common diseases, what it does to you, and how they can be prevented. Cardiovascular disease This is the number one killing... more →
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Dental Care Tips to Lead a Healthy Life Style

Oral hygiene and dental care will play a vital role in assuring a healthy life style to the humans. Dentists argue that most important part of oral care takes place at home. It is always better to prevent something and be cautious in the long run. Are you looking forward some of the simple yet effective dental care tips to avoid... more →
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Eight Expensive Dental Treatments

For each and every person, his/her face is of great importance. Your face says a lot about your overall health and hygiene. The condition of your mouth, teeth and gums plays a major role in your overall health. If you do not maintain the oral hygiene then you can get many infections including stomach infection. Therefore it is very... more →
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Tips for Increasing Fat Burn

Often the hardest thing about losing weight is burning off excess body fat. To lose just 1lb of fat, you need to burn 3,500 calories on top your normal calorie usage. And this is a lot harder than you think. You see, to achieve this fat loss, you need to exclude all your general day to day activities. This includes doing your chores,... more →
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Recipe To Enjoy Healthy Breakfast

It is tough to find time to prepare a healthy breakfast. The life style is completely changed for most of the humans and people are finding it difficult to get up early in the morning to cook healthy breakfast items. Contradictorily, they prepare 2 minute noodles and have other junk items as breakfast food which is not very good... more →
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4 Health Tips for Drivers

Do you spend many hours of the day driving?  Whether it’s because you are a driver by occupation or because you have to commute to your job daily, spending hours on the road can leave you feeling tired and worn out.  While paying attention to the road while driving should be your main priority, there are things that you can do... more →
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How to Stay fit and Healthy?

It is very important to be fit and healthy throughout your life with minimum possible medication. As everybody is different, every one’s diet requirements, exercise timing too differs. We can make different categories of people and form various age groups, namely a) under 5 years, b) between 5 to 19 years, c) between 19 to 40 years,... more →
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10 Pregnancy Tips for Working Mothers

Pregnancy often changes things. One thing is does not change, however, is the fact that some mothers have to stay employed while being pregnant.  Although it probably should be, pregnancy is not a “get out of work” pass.  Many mothers have to deal with the hardships that often come with pregnancy while maintaining employment.... more →
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Stopping Toothache Pain

At one time or another most people have experienced a toothache. The pain from a toothache can be severe and may feel like some of the worst pain you may have had to endure. A history of previous dental work and good oral hygiene may be no guarantee that a toothache will not occur. Although a toothache is quite painful, there are... more →
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The Five Worst Things to Eat

Whether you’re reading online or watching the television, it’s easy to find the “Heart Attack on a Plate – Fettuccini Alfredo”, grave danger – warnings.  Some foods just leap out at you and scream – Don’t eat me, I am horrible for you! How many Calories do you need per day?  2,000 Calories per day is average. ... more →
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