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7 ‘whys’ to stop eating food from plastic containers

Is your kitchen cabinet full of plastic containers? Do you use it to store the food and use it for heating? No doubt they are cheap, lightweight and easy to use. But it is high time when you should ditch the plastic containers and adopt a safer kitchen usage with glass storage products.

Avoid using plastic food containers and water bottles

7 'whys' to stop eating food from plastic containers

Using plastic containers for storing or heating the food items is not a healthy approach. Do you know plastic can invade our food and lead to dangerous and harmful effects? There are scientific evidences and studies that prove that plastic food and water containers are not safe for human use.

List of 7 reasons you should stop using plastic container right away

  1. BPA

Bisphenol A or BPA is the chemical ingredient that is largely found in the plastic water bottles and containers. It is linked to heart related problems, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, negative brain effects and conditions like ADHD. This toxin is abundant in plastic food containers and thus must be avoided and replaced with glass containers and other alternatives.

  1. BPS

If you find that your plastic container is BPA free, it doesn’t mean that it is entirely safe for usage. Do you know the presence of BPS or the Bisphenol S is as harmful a toxin like the BPA? BPS is clinically proven to be less biodegradable than BPA. Thus, BPS is more dangerous and environmentally destructive.

  1. Impacts fertility

A new research has been found that human beings directly linked with plastic containers with BPS and BPA compounds are more likely to suffer to infertility and other fertility issues. Birth defects like down syndrome is found to be very rampant.

  1. Excessive weight gain or obesity

You will be surprised to know but the reality says that individuals using plastic water bottles are found to be suffering from obesity more likely than those who don’t use the plastic containers. The presence of the BPA chemical is known to be the culprit that increases the production of the fat cells.

  1. Plastic absorbs smell and color of the food

Very often you might have found that your plastic dish or container features the taints or the odor of the food inspite of several washing and scrubbing. This is mainly because plastic has the porous texture that is not considered perfect or apt for several types of food items.

  1. Imbalance of the eco system

There are scientific claims that report that the excessive use of plastic can degenerate the environmental conditions on earth. Do you know plastics have a very negative role to play in the destruction of our eco system and the environment as a whole? This is mainly because plastics take a very long time to decompose and thus a threat to the wildlife as well.

  1. Leaching process is not safe

Do you the process of manufacturing plastic containers involves the release of several chemicals? The chemicals get absorbed in the process of leaching and can be transferred to the food that we eat. Thus, our body comes in direct contact with foreign particles that are not healthy and sound.


The above mentioned are the scientifically evident 7 reasons why we should stop storing food items in plastic containers or even drink water from it.

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