6 Health benefits of Cabbage

Cabbage is a kind of leafy vegetable and is easily available all through the year. This leafy vegetable is a loaf of large green leaves with a little in the centre and this is available is red as well. This nutrition of cabbage include  high energy carbohydrates, proteins, sugars, rich in fiber, edible fats, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid,  vitamin C, K , B6, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.


The cabbage can be eaten raw, roasted, salted or used in any dish and it is all tasty and it is even healthy. The health advantages of cabbage are as follows.

Effectively Reduces cholesterol:

Cabbage is very effective in reducing cholesterol in the body. The way it works is that it gets together with the bile acids in the digestive system and lets them out of the body and reduces the levels of cholesterol in the body. This can be more effective when the cabbage in consumed raw or in any salad. If you have a problem consuming it raw, then the cabbage can be lightly boiled and then add a pinch of pepper and salt, this is not only tasty but even healthy and can be had as a breakfast or a snack. This is rich in fiber and has all the advantages of the fiber food.

Has an effect of anti inflammation:

The anti inflammatory nutrients are very necessary in the body to help stimulate the health conditions in the body. The deficiency of these has severe effects on the body and even has the occurrences of many disorders. The deficiency of anti inflammatory nutrients even causes the risk of chronic inflammation. This can be avoided and fought against by consuming cabbage at least one in three days in some or the other form, but make sure that it is not microwave cooked, because it kills all the energy, proteins and nutrients available in the cabbage. The three minutes of cooking of cabbage in microwave can totally destroy all the benefits it has to our health. The deficiency of anti inflammatory nutrients leads to chronic inflammation which may even lead to the formation of various cancers.

Prevents Cancer:

The anti oxidants that are abundantly present in cabbage helps to prevent the risk of various cancers and even helps to heals few cancer types which has been clinically proved after various researches and studies. The main factory that generate the cancer cells are the lack of anti oxidants and the anti inflammatory in the body and the deficiency of these is reached by the consumption of cabbage which is rich in these both components. The other effective component present in the cabbage that is an effective anti cancer is the glucosinolates which is rich in cabbage. The way it works is, these glucosinolates  are digested and then change into the isothiocyanate compounds which work radically against the cancer cells and destroys them all and these are even cases where the cancer has been cure after the regular intake of cabbage and hence cabbage has been working effectively as the anti cancer food since ages.

Helps to have a healthy digestive system and heals the ulcers:

Long lasted studies and researches and clinical studies have proved cabbage which is rich in fiber helps to have a healthy digestive system. This not only helps in maintaining digestive system but even heals the ulcers in the stomach which are also called as the peptic ulcers. Cabbage which is rich in all the proteins, minerals, vitamins helps to have a very good digestion tract and heals all the stomach and intestinal disorders. Cabbage is also abundant in glucosinolates which has anti inflammatory effects which has the effects of anti cancer. Cabbage is also abundant in anti oxidants and has the amino acids and glutamine. The effects of these are that they help to balance the generation of healthy bacteria inside and help to maintain healthy intestines. These help to maintain the digestion of the food and reduce the effects of health disorders.

Boosts the energy

It is known fact that cabbage is high in energy and gas the advantages of keeping one active and energetic. The key component vitamin B is high in cabbage which is responsible to generate the high energy in the body. It is advisable to add cabbage to the regular diet in some or the other form. It is advised to have a salad made of cabbage or consume raw cabbage with a pinch of pepper or have it salted before a workout. This gives the necessary energy required for an effective workout.

Acts on aging of skin:

Cabbage is enormous in the anti aging compounds like the beta carotene and bundled with a bulk of vitamin c. These help to repair the damages cells of the skin and help to have a glowing skin and helps aging of the skin. So the easy way to look younger is to have plenty of cabbage.

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