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16 Reasons Why You Feel Constantly Tired

You Could Be A Chain Smoker

Cigarettes rob your body of Vitamin C, even if you consume a glass of orange juice every day. You not only increase your chances of premature ageing, cancer and an early death, but you will also experience unexplained fatigue due to nutrient-deprived body organs.

You Could Be Clinically Obese

Your mirror might tell you that you look ‘robustly healthy’ but a doctor may diagnose you as clinically obese. Even as much as being 15 pounds overweight can bring a host of health detriments to your door, including chronic fatigue.

You Could Be Suffering Excessive Stress

Stress robs your body of vital nutrients, leaving it drained and incapable of performing regular tasks. Whether the stress you’re suffering is emotional or physical in nature, the effects will show on your body.

You Could Be Depressed

If you suffer low motivation, get angry and irritable easily along with feeling inordinately tired all the time, it could be because of depression. Most people don’t realize that depression is a real sickness and manifests its own distinct set of symptoms.

Your Are Exposed To Too Much Toxicity

Our bodies absorb external pollutants into our bloodstream via the air and water. That apart, our bodies also generate toxins and free radicals while processing junk foods. Fatigue results when the body is unable to clear its toxicity levels.

You Don’t Exercise Enough

You Don’t Exercise Enough

Exercise rids your body of accumulated toxins and excess fat. It helps build muscles that give you the physical strength to handle more work without tiring. Exercise increases endorphin levels in the brain, keeping you happy and active.

Your Body Could Be Battling Low Grade Infection

If you have a low grade infection anywhere in the body, whether it is internal or external, your body diverts its energies to combat it and prevent it from spreading. This can drain your energy levels and you may not even realize it.

You May Be Having Hypothyroidism

If your thyroid functioning has slowed down, you will put on weight, feel depressed and fatigued. Rule hypothyroidism from your list of possible fatigue causes.

You Are Dehydrated

An adult needs to drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water a day. Without water, your body cannot expel toxins and will therefore be constantly fatigued.

You Might Be Consuming Too Much Sugar

Too much sugar can cause your insulin levels to rise, which can cause tiredness. Too much sugar is also toxic to the body and toxicity can also cause fatigue.

You Might Be Consuming Excessive Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates your body and robs it of vital nutrients. If you drink more than you should and are feeling constantly tired, you may not have connected your alcohol dependency to your fatigue.

You May Be Suffering Side Effects From Medications

Both prescription and non-prescription medications cause various side effects, causing persistent fatigue. Take medications only when you need to, even pain killers, to avoid side effects.

You May Be Suffering Chronic Heart Problems

Another issue to rule out is heart trouble; a simple ECG and an ECHO test can clear your worries. When the heart is forced to work when it is not well, excessive fatigue occurs.

You Could Be Anemic

Even if you follow a sensible diet, it is possible to have iron deficiency, depending on your stress level and metabolism. If you are a woman who experiences heavy menstrual cycle or is nearing menopause, check if you are anemic.

You Could Be Experiencing Sleep Disorders

If a person does not get adequate sleep for a night, fatigue results the next day. If this is a chronic problem due to sleep apnea and other disorders, then the result is chronic fatigue.

You Could Be Peri Or Post-Menopausal

When a woman nears her menopause, she might gain weight, experience hot flashes, feel irritable, be unable to sleep, experience dry skin and so on. Hormonal imbalances occur, causing everything from aches to fatigue.

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