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Compassionate Caring For Elderly Clients

In western countries, the average life span has increased significantly. As people live longer, they require the right type of long term care.… more »

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Equipment For The Medical Lab

Medical labs are saddled with hundreds of tests every day, and these tests must be completed as soon as possible. The lab must… more »

Health And Fitness Tips Lack of energy

Ten signs you’re not in good physical health

If your family has a history of poor health, you might be concerned about whether your own health is not as good as… more »

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Choose the Right Resolution This Year to Lose Your Weight

Every New Year is the time to make resolutions and by the end of it, we almost forget what re resolutions were. Most… more »

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Tips from the stars: 5 celebrities’ tricks to having a healthy skin

Who hasn’t looked at the beautiful, healthy skin of celebrities and wished they could look like that as well? They almost always manage… more »

Health Benefits Green tea

Green Tea Benefits and History

Morning routine: brush teeth, eat breakfast, get dressed, and of course, drink your regular daily cup of green tea. Sounds a bit odd?… more »

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Top 10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Obesity is often linked to several health risks like diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and arthritis. It also believed that being overweight can actually… more »

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5 Tips for Using Public Washrooms

Although there are many life experiences that can pose unique challenges for an individual, using a public washroom can be particularly problematic. This… more »

Dental Health Bruxism

How I Learned to Love the Toothbrush: Starting Good Habits Young

My toothbrush and I are very good friends. Our friendship began when I was a wee child and has continued through adulthood. I… more »

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Is There a Difference Between a Green Juice Fast and Cleanse?

The difference between fasting and cleansing is often misunderstood by people who are jumping on the juice cleanse bandwagon or don’t know what… more »