Benefits of Paleo Diet

12 Health Benefits of Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet helps in shedding extra weight in the easiest of ways. The food which was available in the Paleolithic era in the form of vegetables, roots, fish, eggs, mushrooms and berries are the best examples of the same. Following are the 12 Health Benefits of Paleo Diet.

Benefits of Paleo Diet

  1. Paleo Diet is rich in fiber and it is quite necessary for a healthy diet. After all, fiber helps in reducing the constipation, by equally lowering the cholesterol along with minimizing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Fiber gives the perfect reason for you to loose weight in a convincing way.
  2. Paleo Diet is synonymous with low carbohydrate and it helps in loosing weight. If the body sheds away extra calories, then naturally it will be in a perfect shape. As the body has got a coveted shape, it equally reduces the chance of getting various diseases as well.
  3. Majority of Paleo Diet is highly rich in vegetables and fruits. Hence, you will ensure a healthy life for ever.
  4. The nutrient diet is indeed quite filling as well. You will never crave for more as you have fruits and veggies.
  5. Are you looking to loose weight? If yes, then do not worry as thanks to Paleo Diet, you will not only help in shedding extra weight, but it will equally provide you immense benefits like never before as well.
  6. Paleo Diet offers a life time change as it is not referred as the short term diet. Lean meat, berries, nuts along with vegetables are examples of the same. It is referred as a healthy and natural diet which work wonders in easing life to the core.
  7. Its main objective is to check weight loss, but it equally helps towards preventing deadly and life threatening illness in the form of Autoimmune Diseases and Multiple Sclerosis.
  8. Paleo Diet reduces the risk of getting arthritis, asthma, menstrual cramps along with migraines. The food which you have, is devoid of harmful pesticides along with chemicals. You only have the luxury of nutrients which helps in boosting the immune system than ever before.
  9. Do you want to get energized after exercise? If yes, then have Paelo Diet which provides a balance of various natural foods. The diet is highly rich in proteins, vegetables along with fruits and lean meat. Thanks to the protein which is there in lean meat, it helps you in recovering you quickly after you are done with exercises.
  10. Paelo Diet is time tested since hundreds of years. It is this reason which is attracting hundreds and thousands of people to live a healthy life away from various ailments.
  11. The Paleo diet helps in giving endurance and strength as increasing number of athletes are having it to gain requisite strength and power in order to give their best shot.
  12. Looking to boost your endurance and enhance your performance? If yes, then have Paleo Diet since it will give you lot many reasons to have the blast. As you have the diet, you will only enhance your performance like never before.

As you have read the aforesaid 12 Health Benefits of Paleo Diet, you are armed with detailed and authentic knowledge about the endless benefits which are associated with the diet. Now losing weight by equally being at the pink of health is actually the reality.

health wonders of onions

The health wonders of onions

Onions are also called as bulb onions. These are cultivated around the world which is very essential for a good health, widely available and very affordable. These can be eaten raw, backed, boiled or even fried and they just taste awesome when fried in ghee. Onions are rich in nutrition and have many advantages and benefits for a good health.

health wonders of onions

Onions boost immunity

Onions are the key ingredients of most of the dishes and add a delicious taste to the food. They are not only good in taste, but also helps to boost the immune system of a person. The pungency which is abundant in onions increases the ability to boost the immune system and Shields the body from colds and flu’s, fevers, virus attacks, harmful bacteria and other diseases.

Improves oral health

It is true that onions are good for teeth, gums and improve the oral health. It acts as a medicine for all the oral issues. Consumed onions and onions juice has been followed since olden days for oral issues. Onions have the ability to fight the oral infections and harmful bacteria. They are even proved to be a precaution for the tooth decay. Onions work better for killing the germs and bacteria in the mouth, when a raw slice of onion is chewed for few minutes. A quick tip for tooth ache: When you have a severe tooth ache, gargle with onion juice and then with warm water, this will show instant results.

Removes acne

Acne is the major problem that most of the people face, even after the mid age. This is caused by the effects of bacteria on the skin and is mostly caused by the eating habits or the skin type. One can get rid of this problem by trying onion. Onion works miracles for such person. Apply the onion juice on the acne for some time and then wash with water. This will fight the acne producing bacteria and helps tp give a glowing skin. Acne can even be removed by adding olive oil or honey along with onion juice, which even enables a smoother skin.

Instant relief from cough and cold and sore throat

It has been a medicine since the beginning of age. Onions are very good for the one with cough or severe cough. It has been practiced consuming raw onion juice to get rid of cold and cough. The other way to get rid of it, if you are not much comfortable with the raw onion juice taste which is a bit tough, you can mix an equal quantity of honey along with onion juice to get rid of cold, cough and soar throat.

Can be used as instant insect Repellent

When you are attacked by insects like honey bees or scorpions or such insects, do not panic running for help from medicines. The best way to get rid of the pain and the sting of such insects is to apply the thick paste of raw onions on the affected area. Doing this would remove the pain in seconds. The other wonder of the onions is, it acts as an effective mosquito repellent. When you are out of stock of any mosquito repellant sprays, coils, mats or creams, then just walk down to the kitchen and prepare the juice of onions and apply it. This acts as a best organic mosquito repellent.

Gives an instant relief from stomach ache and gastric issues

Onions work wonders in case of severe stomach ache or gastric issues. Onions have the unique effects of anti-inflammation and anti-bacteria.  This can work better on giving instant relief for stomach disorders, gastric issues or ulcers. The instant relief can be achieved by chewing raw onions which will bring down the juices or an even instant relief can be by consuming a dose of raw onion juice.

Avoids constipation

Onion is abundant in soluble fiber and nutritious water. This helps in avoiding the situation of constipation. Consuming onions or including then in the regular died or cooking can help avoiding constipation on the long run and even keeps away from chronic disorders.

Work wonders for asthma patients

Many researches and clinical studies and observations have proved that onions work miracles for asthma patients. Onions help the deformation of the development of biochemical chain of asthma by the resources sulphur which is abundant in onions. So an asthma patient is advised by major number of physicians that onions must be included in the regular diet.

Other wonders of onions are

Onions heal the heart ailments. They work miracles in fighting the cancer cells and heal breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer and prostate cancer. Boost the sexual health. Heals urinary infections, work effective on ear aches, works as anti septic. Reduces cholesterol and balances the blood pressure, strengthens bones. Improves hair growth